"We May Never Pass This Way Again…”

Westchester High School ~ Class of 1977 ~ 40th Class Reunion

Let’s make every minute of the weekend count!   Indeed…  we may never pass this way again!

Gettin’ the party started on...

Friday, September 29, 2017 ~ Saint Arnold Brewing Company  “The Investors Pub”

2000 Lyons Ave ~ 713.686.9494

http://www.saintarnold.com   **Free Parking

4:30 PM – private tour of the brewery

5-7 PM Wildcats ’77 Mixer

Meet up with Wildcats ’77 in a super-chilled environment of the private pub!  All-you-can-drink Saint Arnold’s beer, root beer & pub snacks.   Let’s get together without the crunch of time, the competition of music & some elbow room!

Wait!  The night is young! 

Make it a FULLY WILDCATS '77 WEEKEND by booking a dinner reservation for Friday (or early Saturday!) at a ’77 classmate-owned restaurant!   Let 'em know that you are a Wildcat ’77 and they'll take EXTRA GREAT care of you! 

"Inside the Loop"

Bistro Menil – Chef Greg Martin                   http://bistromenil.com

Lowbrow ~ Chef John Sheely                      http://lowbrowhouston.com

"West Side"

Clay’s Restaurant ~ Damian Seaback        http://www.claysrestaurant.com


On Saturday evening, we return to one of the few venues still remaining from our youth…the scene of our Senior Prom!  (for those who weren't at Led Zeppelin.  Sorry, had to throw that in.)  

 Saturday, September 30, 2017 ~ Hyatt Regency, Downtown “The Window Box”

1200 Louisiana Street ~ 7:30 PM – 12 AM  

Hors d'oeuvres, Cash Bar, DJ, Professional Photographers!

**Wildcats ’77 in the house!  Party in the lobby bar till 2 AM!**

Ticket price inclusive of BOTH Friday & Saturday evening events.  

**We highly suggest you attend BOTH EVENTS so that you don't miss someone whose schedule permitted only one or the other.  And, believe us, the time will evaporate!  Attending the full weekend will help to squeeze maximum time to visit with everyone! 


$100 per person January 1-June 30, 2017  **Must be postmarked by June 30, 2017

$150 per person July 1-at the door


**Parking Rate is $17 per day of event; or, $34 plus tax for overnight guests.. 


...you are in a position to make a donation over & beyond ticket price to boost our cash flow, ensure our reunions are affordable for everyone, and provide free admission for our faculty & staff, we would be more than pleased to give all credit due you for the generousity of your company, or you personally, via marketing for and at our reunion!  

Level 1: WILDCATS' MEOW   $25 - $50

Level 2:  WILDCAT CHAMPIONS    $51 - $75

Level 3:  WILDCAT HEROES    $76 - $100

Level 4:  WILDCAT LEGENDS    $101 - $1MM

We will have a drawing for those who purchased a ticket prior to January 1, 2017.  And a separate drawing for those who make an extra donation above and beyond your ticket!  

Checks, Money Order or Cash to:  

 “WILDCATS 77”  c/o Evelyn Clark

Vahle, Inc.   /   1169 Brittmoore Road  / Houston, Texas  77043

Need lodging?  We've negotiated a reduced price on hotel rooms at the Hyatt @ $139 per night! + $34 overnight parking.  HOWEVER, BOOK ASAP as we will be in competition with two larger ballrooms over the weekend!  Suites are available for $350 and $550, but must be booked through our event coordinator, Rachel Montgomery rachael.montgomery@hyatt.com 713-375-4713.


***Sunday, October, 1, 2017***

For those lodging Saturday night at the Hyatt, or others who care to return to the hotel to join us, we have a table reserved for Sunday breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Shula's.  Price is $16.95 per person.  Come join us!

Here's More:

Faculty & Staff, NO CHARGE for you!  Our treat!  $40 for your guests, please.  We need a committed RSVP from you BY June 30. 

Classmates from other WHS classes, click on "Contact Us" on link to the left & we will add you as a guest to our class.

Kindly register on this website.  This will never be shared publicly.   

Scan photos of you & your friends from 1973-77 in high res. .jpg and send to us at lauri.ramsey@gmail.com.  

Do you or your company want to be part of our Prizes or Giveaways?  Let's chat about how you might be able to contribute!  

Here’s the WHS '77 Reunion Committee so far…and growing!   We still need lots & lots of help!  Come & join us! 

Tom Bray ~ Amy Campbell ~ Ken Cauthen ~ Ruth Click ~ Jay Collins ~ Janet Combs ~ David Cook ~ Mark Grierson ~ Kathleen James Harrison ~ Suzi Kenyon Baumgardner ~ Chris Katapodis Treleaven ~ Philip Klein ~ Ann Lynde Cook ~ CeAnne McClure Jones ~ Cheryl Overton Spaans ~ Cindy Paul Meyers ~ Evelyn Schneider Clark ~ Bob Stanbery ~  Jenny Symon Nettles ~ Allison Taylor ~ Lauri White Ramsey

We're in short supply of volunteers for both Friday & Saturday events.  So, how about it?  Which volunteer opportunity (opportunities) sound GOOD???!!!  (UPDATED 6/22)

Registration Table:

We will need MANY MORE volunteers at both the brewery and hotel events.  Can you help to work a shift at either brewery / hotel...or both?  C'mon.  It really is fun!     

***Particularly those who haven't been to a reunion in eons, additionally our faculty/ teachers, normally love this opportunity because they have a head-start on putting faces with nametags before the lights go dim!   

Memorabilia Table:

We will have smaller space in the Window Box ballroom, but we plan to include a small table for memorabilia.  Do you have the resources to pull off leading this volunteer project?


We have a lead, but need a committed worker bee with a knack for decorations for both Friday & Saturday events.  

Have other cool new ideas?

Sure!  Hit us up!  We'd love to hear 'em.  But, just letting you know ahead, we are way low on volunteers these days.  So, we may not have the manpower or resources to make it happen.  If you have a new idea for either event, be willing to take it on!

Interested to LEAD our 45th reunion?  This is a GREAT opportunity to participate alongside the current team.  Many of us have worked together for decades, but it's time to retire!  You'll get some great lessons learned & handover notes!  Let us know your interest and c'mon & join us as a volunteer for our 40th!  


Here's the deal...  We can plan every tiny detail of this party.  But, this is about classmates, not the details.  We've done our best to locate classmates & former teachers & staff to invite them.  However, when a friend receives a personal invitation from another, it's far more effective than anything we can possibly do to get 'em there.   If you have already purchased a ticket, this little blurb is especially for you.  

Please don't wait to reach out to old friends till last minute.  Give them the opportunity if they have logistics to work out.  They may need a little time to build courage.  Or, to recognize personal or professional/ networking value in attending, so plant the seed of encouragement!  Or, if it's a financial issue, perhaps you can help to sponsor an old friend to attend.  Or, not unheard of at our age, friends...maybe they just need a ride & some help to get there.  Please help to encourage the primary purpose of this party.  To get our classmates together & celebrate!     

Updated: 6/5/2017

UNCONFIRMED - Meaning, we mailed to address on file & it was not returned.  But, unable to confirm if our information was correct.  Request update on email, 1 telephone, birth date & confirmation on address.  

Gregory "Greg" Gus Andrews

Kathleen "Kathe" M. Armstrong (Willming)

Christopher "Chris" Albert Ashburn

James "Jim" Irvin Beeman

Lori Diane Boswell (Stotland)

Lisa Ann Bowdoin

John H. Bres

Theodore "Ted" C. Brescia

Barry Scott Brunelle

Michael "Mike" David Buller

David J. Burke

Jeffrey "Jay" Burkhardt

Patricia Anne Campbell

William "Craig" Carnahan

Cynthia Elizabeth Castellanos (Pitman)

Donna J. Castelow

Roger C. Dillow

Scott Lee Dotson

Eugenia A. "Genie" Duvall (Short)

Jill K. Erwin

Gary L. Fickert

Scott A. Harris

Stephen Alan Hayes

Roger M. Hennington

Jamey Keith Higginbotham

Kent Richard Kadell

Richard Frank Kallus

Kathleen "Kathy" E. Kelley (Campbell)

Kathleen "Kathy" M. Kunec

Diane Lynn Landholt (Crusturner)

Michael Anthony Letsos

Carol Leverick (Watson)

Robert Patterson Livesay

Michael "Mike" E. McCrory

Linda S. McGlasson (Gump)

Mary Kathleen "Kackie" Minton (Pankratz)

Mark D. Molsberry

Terry Olsovsky

David J. Pierpoline

Leslie A. Ralson (Cotter)

Michael "Tony" A. Ranger

Kathleen "Kathy" A. Rasmussen (Call)

Stephen Michael Rasnick

Edward Graham Ricketts, Jr.

Albert "Parker" Riggs

Kenneth Norman Robertson II

Karen Lynn Schenkel (Kacir)

JeriAnne T. Schlute

Jack B. Slack

William "Jerry" Sparkman Jr.

Susan F. Strait (Wall)

Marianne Sutton (Sawyer)

Erik C. Van Os

David K. Wells

David C. Williams


MIA Classmates  (Meaning, they've completely fallen off our radar.)

Julio C. Alvarez   12th grade yearbook
Pansy Sharon Anderson Johnson Graduated 1977
Peter Keenan Armstrong   Graduated 1977
Stormy Terese Beal Livings Graduated 1977
Rosalinda Benfield   12th grade yearbook
Blue Blarry   11th grade yearbook
Scott Brown   11th grade yearbook
Jean Burnham   11th grade yearbook
Veronique Yvonne Collin   Graduated 1977
Holly Cooper   11th grade yearbook
Mark David Cory   Graduated 1977
Michael Steven Covington   Graduated 1977
Ken Curry   11th grade yearbook
Maureen Lynn Duffy   Graduated 1977
Kelly Lane Dyal   Graduated 1977
Curtis Lloyd Eaton   Graduated 1977
Diana Leigh Edinger   Graduated 1977
Elizabeth "Lisa" Ann Farr   Graduated 1977
Alfred E. Floyd   12th grade yearbook
Adrien J. Fournier   12th grade yearbook
Cindy Constance Ford Cole Graduated 1977
Lynne Marie Ford   Graduated 1977
Julio Franco   12th grade yearbook
Nancy Eileen Frank   Graduated 1977
David Donald Frederick   Graduated 1977
Jerry Henry French   Graduated 1977
Seth David Fritz   Graduated 1977
Thomas "Mitch" Mitchell Fruit   Graduated 1977
Robert "Bob" Perry Gallant   Graduated 1977
Donald K. Grant   Graduated 1977
Larry C. Grant   Graduated 1977
Susan Clare Greer Thompson Graduated 1977
Jeff Charles Gutknecht   Graduated 1977
Darlene Martha Haese   Graduated 1977
Patricia Joan "Joanie" Harrison Parker Graduated 1977
Patricia "Pattie" Ann Hay   Graduated 1977
Jessica Marie Hayes   Graduated 1977
Jimmy Headrick   11th grade yearbook
Kenneth Mack Hodges, Jr.   Graduated 1977
Ron S. Hughes   12th grade yearbook
Lily Huang   12th grade yearbook
Gregg M. Hughey    
Wai Man "Lindsey" Ip Heh Graduated 1977
Lynn C. Jakle   Graduated 1977
Tommy Randolph Jeffrey   Graduated 1977
Richard "Rick" Scott Johnson   Graduated 1977
Tracy E. Jones Ryan ptmaryan@aol.com
William "Brad" B. Jupp, III   Graduated 1977
Albert Keller   11th grade yearbook
Sarah Lucy Kemp   12th grade yearbook
William Casey Kiker   Graduated 1977
Elizabeth Sue Knight   Graduated 1977
Sharon Leigh Kohler Green Graduated 1977
Tom Kuhn   11th grade yearbook
Maurice G. Lorenz II   12th grade yearbook
Jayne Manes   12th grade yearbook
Laura McClellan Archer Graduated 1977
Carmen Medrano   12th grade yearbook
Brent Menjia   11th grade yearbook
Jim McNeils   11th grade yearbook
Michael Weldon Miller   Graduated 1977
Amy Lynn Moffitt   Graduated 1977
John Montgomery   12th grade yearbook
Helen Marie Neighbors   Graduated 1977
Melanie Kay Neil   Graduated 1977
Kathy Nelson   11th grade yearbook
Stanton O'Tyson   Graduated 1977
Frances Lauren Olinde   Graduated 1977
Brenda Dale Parr   Graduated 1977
Steven C. Parsons   12th grade yearbook
Robert "Mark" M. Patteson   Graduated 1977
Bart Payne   11th grade yearbook
Eddie V. Peoples   12th grade yearbook
Melissa Ann Perine   Graduated 1977
Debra "Debbie" Lynn Prather Brown Graduated 1977
Brant Posey   11th grade yearbook
Edward "Henry" Pratka, III   Graduated 1977
Jimmy Prince   11th grade yearbook
Rick Pumphrey   11th grade yearbook
Virginia Ellen Rall   Graduated 1977
Joie Richardson Giroir 11th grade yearbook
Robin G. Robertson   12th grade yearbook
Karen Rohrabacher Castle Graduated 1977
Angela Rowe Fesperman 11th grade yearbook
Jeff Sandoz   11th grade yearbook
Linden A. Seawright Nowell Graduated 1977
Bridget Shannon   11th grade yearbook
Amy Elizabeth Shepherd Guthrie Graduated 1977
Pamela "Pam" S. Shirley   Graduated 1977
Juliet "Julie" G. Shoup Baker Graduated 1977
Paula Kathleen Shryne Wilhelm Graduated 1977
Michael "Scot"t Simmons   Graduated 1977
Sean Sisk    
Philip Shook Stewart   Graduated 1977
Robert "Brian" Striplin   Graduated 1977
Miyoko Taniguchi   Graduated 1977
Craig Lee Taylor   Graduated 1977
Mark Thurman   11th grade yearbook
Donald Edward Vaughan   Graduated 1977
Thomas Dean Vincent   Graduated 1977
John Thomas Wicks   Graduated 1977
Jeannine Whitmarsh   12th grade yearbook
Kelly Wilkins   11th grade yearbook
Richard Quimby Williams   Graduated 1977
Margaret Wyche   12th grade yearbook
Russell David Young   Graduated 1977
Yuka Yoshino   11th grade yearbook
William Youngblood   12th grade yearbook

Additionally, we have attemped to contact our Staff & Faculty by mail, telephone and/ or email.   We hope for confirmation on the following and/ or new contact information.  Thanks for your help.   

Sally Barber - mailed, not confirmed

Karla Lowerre - mailed, not confirmed

James McDonald - mailed, not confirmed

Claire Miller - mailed, not confirmed

Charles Rogers - returned mail

Chris Smith - returned mail

Kris Watson - mailed, not confirmed

Darryl Woodall - mailed, not confirmed

Ed Wood - mailed, not confirmed

Shannon Zapalac - returned mail

**NOTE:  Westchester Alumni Association is interested to stay in touch with '77ers; however, our websites are not linked.  WAA is a great organization which raises scholarships for graduating seniors of Westchester Academy of International Studies through donations, fundraisers, and memberships.  They have been especially kind to the class of 1977 when receiving important news of classmates or faculty/staff & support marketing efforts for our reunions.  To register with WAA, please go to www.westchesterwildcats.com and find your name under 1977.  



No registered users are online right now.


•   Patrick "Pat" R. Hedrick  6/26
•   Jan Goodloe  6/25
•   Deborah Donnell (Holcombe)  6/25
•   Allison Taylor (Taylor)  6/22
•   Kelcey Jean Swartz (Roberts)  6/19
•   Bridget Shannon (Hancock)  6/14
•   Jan D. Barbas  6/13
•   Diane Pliszka  6/13
•   Lisa L. Hudson (Griggs)  6/10
•   Susan D. Stone (Costello)  6/6
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